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Batman Returns - 1992

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Ruby Lucas appreciation week  • day 6→ Favorite scenes

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Ruby Lucas Appreciation Week

Day 6: favourite scenes

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meghan ory   
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To the very best of times, John. 
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i love how tumblr is like personally offended by 50 shades of grey

#we all read better fanfiction

#we all WRITE better fanfiction

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Black Widow’s Motorcycle From AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Fully Revealed

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notyourlostbird: Frakenwolf, Swanfire, Snowing, Frakenstilskin


I’m going to share lines from each song here…

Frankenwolf: The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Let me share this evil bit…  >:D

I resolve to call her up a thousand times a day
And ask her if she’ll marry me in some old fashioned way
But my silent fears have gripped me
Long before I reach the phone
Long before my tongue has tripped me
Must I always be alone?

Swanfire: Arcade Fire, Crown of Love. Again, another evil line.

If you still want me, please forgive me, the crown of love is fallen from me.

Snowing: Lady Gaga - Vanity

Fabulous and glamorous, we love ourselves and no one else.

Frankenstiltskin: Johnny Cash - Hurt

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end

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You see, what ails your father is specific to our realm. His powers do not belong here. You must go where you can escape that wretched curse.”

Headcanon that Chernabog created the Dark One’s curse and forged the dagger, and that Bald Mountain is located in Victor’s world.

All black magic was considered unholy and relics were destroyed (or in the case of the dagger, hidden away in another world.)

This caused magic in Victor’s world to weaken, and similar to how Maleficent stayed asleep in Storybrooke until Emma came to town…

Should the Dark One bring the dagger to the peak of Bald Mountain, they’d be able to awaken/summon him.

IDK. There’s some level of irony to the notion that the Dark One’s magic, which Victor considered inferior to his own skill, originated in his own gothic realm.

If it proves correct that the dagger and the original Dark One presided in Victor’s world, we may not see any resolution of his storyline until the final season of the show when it all comes together. :(

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